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Post  vampy on Sat Jan 31, 2009 6:37 pm

Okay so your probably wondering what the old devil or a captain is up to lately, suddenly we joined this strange crew, and he goes all weird and secretive on us!

So heres the happyhap Razz

MrBalls asked me if i wanted to join his flag as royalty, with perks. Now i thought the flag would be so beneficial for my crew, as Supernva and Tangible are there and happy (my dear friends) but was i wrong... THE FLAG IS AWESOME!

I have now got full control on one of the biggest flag trading posts, a fleet at my hands whenever i want to use it, and control of IMs and shipyards.

Basically the crew is about to come into serious money, and respect.

The more you guys help me to help you, the more known were going to become, and prosper as a very strong crew.

Im so proud of you guys, you have been so awesome every single one of you, And im going to be able to give you things back now.

So from today i propose there will be :

-More pillaging

-More crew funds

-More fun!

-More respect for all of you ocean wide

-A better and bigger captain!!

Thankyou all so so so much for being here with me, i love you guys truly i do.

I have secrets up my sleeve which will be revealed in the coming months.

Until then,


Love Vampy.

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