February '09 Pilly-A-Thon (Our first official RdR Event)

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February '09 Pilly-A-Thon (Our first official RdR Event) Empty February '09 Pilly-A-Thon (Our first official RdR Event)

Post  vampy on Thu Jan 29, 2009 6:07 pm

The first Event in RDR shall be...


The aim of the event:

To get the most points at the end of February

How it works:

Basically you pillage in RDR (ONLY) by leading pillages, or assisting others. You score points by /print ing the overall pillage score sheet (/print after each battle the transferred booty incase you have to log early) and collect them on here: the winner is the person with the most points at the end.

The scores:

Scoring is simple:

Leading a pilly: 3 points per battle won. (if i won 10 battles at the end of the pilly i would get 30 points ect)

Assisting in a pilly: If you help another player pilly, then you get 1 point for every battle won

Assisting the captain's pillage: I will be running 3 pillages daily, if you assist them in any way, you will get 2 points (I win 8 battles you get 16 points ect)

At the end all the scores will be added up and the highest score wins.


1st prize: the captains Personal WB

2nd prize: depends how many enters, if more than 5 then i shall add a good prize.

How to enter:

This competition may be entered by ANYONE and ALL RANKS ^_^

You may reply here saying only, 'Enter' and /paying vampireking 2k or putting it into the 'Unstable blowfish'

This should be a fun event, which will help all ranks, and the crew greatly. I advise that you all join! ^_^

Thank you! I hope you have fun with this one!

EDIT: It will start Saturday, the 7th of February and end on the 27th of February.


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